Digital signage? The solution is HDDS Vision


Those who are looking for digital signage solutions cannot help but give a try to HDDS Vision, the sector’s most compelling and promising startup company, which is capable of best leveraging audiovisual communications through the distribution of digital messages and multimedia contents on electronic screens. These diverse solutions can be leveraged in support of both private and public customers and users. HDDS Vision’s expertise makes it possible to design, produce and broadcast dynamic contents. These contents can be programmed in advance and even managed remotely. The end result for users is the opportunity to save both in terms of resources to be deployed and costs to incur.

The uniqueness of HDDS Vision’s solution, in particular, consists in providing an integrated hardware and software system specifically dedicated to digital signage, which is designed and created to support a rich range of promotional activities and any type of dissemination of multimedia contents. Innovation is, without doubt, one of the strong points of this new promotional solution which is easy to manage and, above all, extremely versatile. Its application permits to obtain a product with unparalleled and highly customizable flexibility. Equally important, contents can be studied and custom-tailored, in a manner that satisfies the discrete needs of each and every custormer and user.

HDDS Vision proposes two systems for screen management and digital signage: the Vision system and the Touch system.  The client, essentially, has the opportunity to choose and create customized installations by relying upon standard screens or touch screens. Alternatively it is also possible to even combine the two options without sacrificing the benefits of easy management, or placing any limitation on performance.

More in detail, the Vision system allows customers and users to broadcast multimedia contents without requiring any form of client interaction. On the contrary, the Touch software permits customers and users  to touch the screen and interact directly with the graphic interface. It should be emphasized that HDDS Vision is an entirely Made-in-Italy endeavor.  Our nimble and promising startup company was born in 2008. We dedicated four intense years of steadfast and resolute work to produce our core software.  Now in its 3.4 version, our software is designed specifically to leverage to the fullest all of its potential, as well as any and all last-generation screen capabilities, among which are also included those features inherent in touch screen monitors.

On Hdds Vision’s web site you can learn more about all the latest release for public or private customers.



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