A makeup blog as a start up.

A makeup blog can be a long lost pastime but at the same time can become with the necessary commitment and dedication even a full time job and if we want a start up. There are many examples of girls around the world in Italy and abroad that have started a career in the beauty world thanks to their makeup blog. As if to say that depending on the roads that you decide to take a makeup blog can become in start-up effects.

There are many ways to earn money with a makeup blog.
A very trivial way is represented by the banner. The banners that allow you to earn money with a website pay in two ways: pay per click or pay per 1000 impressions. Considering the growing banner blindness, if your blog has thousands of monthly visits it is perhaps best to opt for the second mode.

And 'possible to earn thanks to the increasingly popular affiliate programs, taking care to select programs that may have a great appeal on what your audience. The affiliate programs through the appropriate links will consent to sell the products for sale in specific online store, with the opportunity to earn a small commission for each sale. To gain a lot from the affiliate programs you must of course build trust than what you are trying to sell and also ensure that the pages on which there are affiliate links, they are very well positioned.

A beauty blogger can gain also collaborating with anyone involved in SEO and want to publish on the blog considered the item in order to position a website themed beauty. Obviously in this case it will be necessary not only that the blog is popular but that is very well optimized for search engines.

Earnings can also result from direct collation with companies operating in the beauty world. Indeed, they may in fact send the blogger

To earnings resulting directly from the blog you can always associate a Youtube channel that although it requires more technical skills than those which concern the management of a blog allows the blogger same to acquire a lot of visibility, view and consequently revenues resulting from the program of Youtube remuneration.

The most enterprising and most also rated the business from their blogs have launched makeup brands, books available both online and in traditional stores.

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